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BREEZYBROOK TROUPER   31/3/02 - 10/4/11


Trouper was a great working dog.  He was our top stud dog for many years putting his stamp on his offspring.  He will be forever Jacquie's favourite dog and will be impossible to replace. 

He was by FTCh Danderw Druid, winner of the 2006 championship. 

Trouper was a hard hunting dog who would face any cover.

He had tons of drive and was very stylish, in fact a pleasure to watch.

A great gamefinder, a natural retriever with a real soft mouth.

His conformation was superb, all this with a wonderful temperament.

Trouper has produced many offspring from field trial winners, working gundogs and great agility dogs.


Most of our breeding plans are based around the Trouper/Druid lines. Whilst we greatly appreciate the qualities of the Danderw Druid line, we think the addition of the Wernffrwd Dai Bach breeding (from Troupers dam) really adds great qualities to Troupers pedigree.

We have Trouper's son Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook and his grandson Breezybrook Wonky standing at stud to continue the great legacy Trouper has left at Breezybrook.

Two  weeks after Trouper's death his last litter was born to our own Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook.

We have kept a dog & a bitch from this litter to ensure the Trouper line goes on into the future at Breezybrook.



 Troupers Pedigree:


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
FTCh Danderw Druid FTCh Mallowdale Rackatear FTCh Wernffrwd Siarl FTCh Maesydderwen Kestrel
FTCh Wernffwrd Silk
FTCh Whinpark Chrissie of Squareclose FTCh Maesydderwen Jackdaw
FTCh Anahar Allspice
FTCh Tonyshingle Stella of Danderw FTCh Wernffwrd Dai Bach FTCh Maesydderwen Kestrel
FTCh Wernffwrd Silk
FTCh Kenine Golden Flash Towyview Jet
Byrbwll Goleuni Glas
Cressett Chocolate Drop of Breezybrook FTCh Wernffrwd Dai Bach FTCh Maesydderwen Kestrel FTCh Swallowlaw Snipe
FTCh Wernffrwd Melyngoch
FTCh Wernffrwd Silk FTCh Gwibernant Llewellyn
FTCh Wernffrwd Ci Twt
FTW Sandford Daisy of Cressett FTCh Regulusknowe Gold of Maesydderwen FTCh Maesydderwen Jackdaw
FTCh Laighpark Mist
FTCh Kigaro Minnie FTCh Gwibernant Llewellyn
FTCh Kigaro Jill
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