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Farewell Freddie



June 2014: Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook was put to sleep on the operating table. He was bleeding internally and the vets were unable to save him. A complete shock to us. Freddie was such a happy dog and a joy to have in the kennels. His daughter Breezybrook Tumble will continue his line at Breezybrook.







Breezybrook Hotshot is the pup we are keeping from this years litters. He is sired by Sandy and out of Dream. Don't be fooled by the cute looks...he is very fast and sharp and I think he may be challenging!




Harry x Tumble Pups

Tumble pups


On 18th April 2014 Tumble gave birth to her first litter five puppies sired by Kenmilix Magical Fudge of Breezybrook.

Two bitches and three dogs.  All have found lovely homes and we look forward to hearing about their progress in the shooting field, in agility or training to be Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.



Sandy x Dream Pups

Dream and puppies


On 9th April, Breezybrook Trouper's Dream whelped a healthy litter of 6 dog puppies.

Sired by Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook, these pups will be D & DC, and available to working, agility, and country pet homes.


Sandy Standing at Stud


FTAW Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook is now standing at stud. He has now been DNA tested Clear for prcd-PRA and FN. His first litter to our own bitch Dream is due in April. Click here to see Sandy's stud page.




Dream Wins Field Trial



On Friday 22nd November 2013 Breezybrook Trouper's Dream Won the East Midland Gundog Club Novice Cocker Trial at Lamport, Northants.

She excelled in the bramble which she loves, game supply was good and the guns shot well. Dream had a nice retrieve of a runner on her second run, which rounded off the trial nicely.

According to the judges, Bob Aldenton and Jaison Toon, they were in complete agreement in their choice of winning dog. This was all topped off by being awarded Guns Choice also.



RIP Chocolate



October 12th 2013:  Sad day, Cressett Chocolate Drop of Breezybrook was put to sleep after a stroke at 15.5 years old.
A great gundog, was fit until the end, in fact she had picked up on two evening duck flights in the last fortnight. She was fa
ntastic at taking a line and could often find a "lost" runner after other dogs had failed.
She gave me Trouper and his offspring and we also have a couple of Great Grandchildren of hers. She will be much missed especially as she had been living in the house for the last 18 months....I have been lucky to own such a great dog.


Nova's Last Litter


Harry x Nova Pups


On 26th June 2013 Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook whelped her last litter.

Sired by our own Kenmillix Magical Fudge of Breezybrook (Harry)

5 puppies, 3 bitches and 2 dogs. All pups doing well.

All Sold.




Trouperson Awarded GWC




On 21st April 2013 Breezybrook Trouper's Quest was awarded the Kennel Club Gundog Working Certificate.

The day was hosted by the London Cocker Spaniel Society and the dogs were tested on Control, Obedience, Hunting, Retrieving, Water and Temperament.





Harry Wins at Crufts!


Crufts 2013

Kenmillix Magical Fudge of Breezybrook (Harry) Won the Gamekeepa Feeds Trophy at Crufts for the Best Gamekeepers Sporting Spaniel.

It was an extremely long day as we left home at 6.30am and arrived home at 10.15pm.

We had to go into the main arena at 7.30pm for the judging of the final six Gamekeepers dogs. Unfortunatly Harry found it all rather unexciting and did not really show, preferring to sit by my side as every well trained spaniel should. But we had our moment in the spotlight and it can be seen by clicking on this link:




Crufts 2013


Crufts 2013



Our team of Gamekeepers Sporting Spaniels were awarded 2nd place.

Chocolate was awarded 3rd place at 15 years old in the Gamekeepers Sporting Spaniel class, a great tribute to her fitness and well being.

Harry Won the Gamekeepers Sporting Spaniel Class as above.




Dream Placed in Field Trial




November 2012: Breezybrook Trouper's Dream ran in the East Midland Gundog Society Novice Cocker Trial. Her first run was in very thick bramble and she hunted well. She had a flush and a retrieve of a pheasant and made a tidy job of it.

Her second run was in woodland, once again she hunted well, without the need for any whistle, she had two flushes, one of which she was required to retrieve.

After the last dog had completed it's run, three dogs were called for a run off for 1st place, Dream was one of them, she hunted nicely and was awarded  2nd place. Congratulations to Arthur Lettin on his win.


Trouperson Wins Scurry





Aug 2012: Breezybrook Trouper's Quest ran in  a charity gundog scurry. The scurry consisted of two marked retrieves from cover.

Trouperson won by completing the two retrieves in the fastest time 3 seconds ahead of the nearest rival.



Nova awarded Gundog Working Certificate




In May 2012 Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook (Nova) gained her KC Working Gundog Certificate.

The day was organised by London Cocker Spaniel Society. The tests undertaken were: Control, Obedience, temperament, hunting, retrieving and water.

She was also awarded a Certificate of NMerit in the AV Spaniel Working Test.



Gamekeepers Team Crufts 2012

  Team Presentation

We had a long tiring day at Crufts in the Gamekeepers classes. Harry was placed 2nd in the AV Sporting Spaniel Working Gundog class, and Nova was placed 3rd  in the same class for bitches. Chocolate as mentioned below came 3rd in the Gamekeepers AV Sporting Spaniel. The team, representing Melchbourne Shoot was placed 2nd in the Gamekeepers Team and Won the Derek VainesTrophy for the best presented team.

 My thanks go to Marina Magham, Liz Parsons & Carol Smith for assisting with showing on the day.



Not Bad for an Oldie!

Liz and Chocolate

My good friend Liz Parsons showing Chocolate


Cressett Chocolate Drop of Breezybrook went to Crufts again, only one month away from her 14th birthday.

Still obviously fit and well, she was shown in the "Gamekeepers Any Variety Sporting Spaniel" class and was awarded 3rd place. The comment from the judge when presenting the rosettes was that she had the best movement in the ring. Not bad for an oldie!




Crufts 2012

Once again we will be at Crufts. This is a great oppurtunity for us to meet you and discuss working cockers.

We will be at the Gamekeeper benches in Hall 5, near to ring 25.

As for showing the dogs, it gets more difficult each year with the Docking rule as we cannot show the youger dogs, so once again Cressett Chocolate Drop of Breezybrook will be in our gamekeepers team, she

will be 14 yrs old, a couple of weeks after the show!  But she is still fit and well and has still been picking up this season.

Please come and introduce yourselves.


Introducing The Wild Bunch



From left to right, Breezybrook Tumble, Breezybrook Trouper's Dream, and Breezybrook Trouper's Quest.

At approx 8 months old, they have had basic training, but now it's time to really tame the wild bunch and get on with more advanced training, and that includes rabbits so we could be in for some fun!




Frolic's Last Litter


Freddie/Frolic Pups    Tumble


On 20th May Frolic's last litter of six puppies was born, sired by our own Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook  (Freddie).  There were 3 dogs & 3 bitches. One black, two chocolates, two goldens and one red, some had Freddie's trademark white blaze.

The red bitch has remained at Breezybrook and is known as Tumble




Troupers Last Litter

Nova & Pups   Trouper-Nova Pups 2011 


On April 25th, Two weeks after Trouper was put to sleep his last litter was born.
The litter was our own, born to Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook (Nova)
There were 3 dogs and 3 bitches.
Four pups were solid chocolate and two were chocolate & tan just like Trouper.
We have kept these two, a dog and a bitch named Breezybrook Trouper's Quest (Trouperson) and
Breezybrook Trouper's Dream ( Dream)
Trouper's legacy lives on through these pups and the many others he has produced in his lifetime.



Wonky gains Working Gundog Certificate




On 17th April Breezybrook Wonky gained his KC Working Gundog Certificate. The day was organised by London Cocker Spaniel Society. The tests undertaken were: Control, Obedience, temperament, hunting, retrieving and water.




Sam placed in Opens




Murrayeden Marlin has run in two open tests this spring, he showed his abilities well on both occasions and gained a 3rd place at London Cocker and a 4th place at Chiltern.




Sox awarded COM in his first Open




On 17th April 2011 Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook was entered into his first Open working test at London Cocker Spaniel Society.This was only his second ever test, he won his first novice.

Sox gave a good acount of himself and sat nicely to a flushed pheasant!  Marks were lost as he had to be handled too much on his blind, but I was pleased with his hunting. Sox was awarded a Certificate of Merit.




Thank You

I would like to say a big thank you to all the kind people who have emailed regarding the loss of Trouper. I have been unable to reply to all but am grateful for your thoughts and comments.

It's also great to hear all the Trouper offspring are doing him proud.



RIP Trouper



On Sunday 10th April Breezybrook Trouper was put to sleep aged only 9yrs. This was a devastating day for me as to date he has been the best dog I have ever had and I believe will ever have. Although he was a great working dog he was also a great friend and very much my favourite.
In the last two weeks of the shooting season I noticed he had a small lump on his gum, so off to the vet, where it was removed and sent for testing, the result came back, Malignant Melanoma.
I was informed that without treatment he would have 2 – 4 months to live.
We discussed at length what could be done without putting him through misery and decided to bring in a drug from USA called Oncept which prolongs life up to 4 times without side affects.
With the delay in getting a government licence he started radiotherapy to control the melanoma until the Oncept vaccine arrived.
The day after his fourth and last radiotherapy he was placed at Crufts in the gamekeepers classes, thus showing that he was happy and in good form and looking good!
The Oncept vaccine course started, one injection every 14 days with four injections in total.
The vaccine should start to work when the course is completed.
But with five days to go before the last injection, I had to make the awful decision. Although he looked well, he had heavy breathing and did not want to lie down to sleep, preferring to try to stay sitting, he was tired as he couldn’t get any proper sleep, the vets said they thought he had developed fluid in the lungs.
It was a devastating blow as we were so close to completing the vaccine course, but  I  knew I had to make the decision…
The sun was shining, Trouper walked out in the fields with his mum and daughter and his tail wagged.
We returned to the garden where I hugged and kissed him but knew that this was right for him as his chest heaved. The vet put him to sleep in the sunshine of the garden and he flopped into my arms. The pain and tiredness gone forever. He is buried in the field next to Suzi

In the awards at Crufts 2011  


   Gamekeepers Team  GWC Presentation


It was great to meet so many Breezybrook puppy owners or potential puppy owners at Crufts this year.

We had quite a successful day, Trouper was placed 3rd in AV Gamekeepers spaniel and his mum Chocolate was given a Very Highly Commended, not bad at 13 yrs old!

Sox was awarded 3rd in AV Sporting Spaniel Working Gundog and Trouper was 4th.

Then we entered the Gamekeepers team representing Melchbourne Shoot and we were awarded 2nd place, not bad for our first effort, the three dogs in the team were Trouper, Sox & Frolic.

My thanks go to Liz Parsons and Marina Mangham for handling in the team with me.

I then went to the Kennel Club arena where I was presented with a Gundog Working Certificate that I gained last year with Sam.





Once again this year some of the Breezybrook dogs will be at Crufts on Thurs 10th March.

We have a gamekeepers team entered but only the older dogs can go because of the docking law. It is a long hard day with plenty of sitting around waiting but we have found it is a great way for many puppy owners who have either brought a pup from us or one sired by our dogs to come and see the dogs.

We hope to see you there!



Wonky making great progress


Wonky recovered


December 12th 2010 - Wonky's progress has been remarkable. After his feeding tube was removed, he was fed a diet of soft meat (Nature Diet), then gradually we have been mixing in his dry food and he is currently eating a 50/50 mix.

On 10 December just under 2 months since his surgery, we took him picking up, just for two drives. He was very keen and excited and was very pleased with himself when he picked the first pheasant!

He needs a little re-training as he decided brakes were optional, hopefully this is just down to the excitement of the occasion after his lay off.  Lets hope the bank balance recovers as quick as he has. (Not very likely)



Wonky undergoes lifesaving surgery.



  Poor Wonky!      All stitched up!    


October 15th 2010:  Wonky started to choke when being fed and actually passed out. I lifted him upside down and gave a blow to his diaphram and he coughed and sprung back to life. On investigation at the vets the damage was going to need specialist attention so he was transfered to Queens Vet School, Cambridge.

The vets found a large abcess full of bacteria, removing it was difficult as there are so many vital structures around the throat.Once removed a 5 inch tear in the oesophagus was revealed. This was repaired and then the vets had to perform a further procedure to stitch his stomach to his side as he had a gastic tube fitted so he could be fed directly into his stomach allowing the wound in this throat to heal.

He came home after 6 days wearing a string vest to keep the gastric tube in place and a buster collar to stop him pulling the tube out. He would be fed a liquid diet through the tube for 10 days. All of his antibiotics have to be crushed and fed with the liquid diet.




RIP Suzi




On 14th July 2010 Firefox of Breezybrook (Suzi) was put down just a couple of weeks short of her 10th birthday. She had always suffered from slight malabsorption and about a month before she was put down she took a turn for the worse. The vets said her stomach was attacking itself. She was put onto steroids and prescription food and for a couple of weeks she improved but then her system gave out and she was put down and buried in our fields.

Suzi was a great little dog, completly reliable and gave great enjoyment. She will be missed greatly from the picking up team.


Sox Wins First Novice Test



May 9th 2010 - Chiltern Gundog Society Novice Working Test

Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook (Sox) hunted extremely well in the bracken and brashings of

Burnt Platt Wood, the cover suited him well.

He made an excellent job of his seen and blind retrieves and was awarded First Place.



Sam Wins AV All Aged Test


Sam Wins LCSS Test


May 2nd 2010- London Cocker Spaniel Society AV Spaniel All Aged Working Test.

After an extremely cold and wet day it was all made worthwhile as Murrayeden Marlin (Sam) was first awarded Best Cocker Spaniel and then First Place in the  working test.



Nova gets her first Test Award


Nova with Award


May 2nd 2010 - London Cocker Spaniel Society AV Spaniel All Aged Working Test.

Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook (Nova) did herself proud as her hunting just gets better and better as she is so stylish. The light cover  helped and hopefully has boosted her confidence even more. She made a nice job of her seen retrieve but had to be handled several times onto her blind retrieve losing valuable points. More practice needed!

She was awarded a Certificate of Merit and we are looking forward to her next run.



Sam Wins Open Working Test


Sam Wins Chiltern


April 25 2010 - We attended the Chiltern Gundog Society's 50th Anniversary Working Test.

This was the first working test for Murrayeden Marlin (Sam) and he didn't dissapoint us.

In fact he hunted nicely with plenty of style and completed his seen and blind retrieves with ease.

He won the Open with a score of 96 ex 100, this was 5 points ahead of his nearest rival.




Success at Crufts!


Crufts 2010


On Sunday 14th March 2010 we set off for Crufts. A dog show,not something we were used to!

Trouper had been entered into the BASC Gamekeepers classes. He was in the Any Variety Sporting Spaniel class and was awarded 3rd place! The prize winners in these classes were judged on conformation and movement and then had to demonstrate retrieving dummies.

It was great to meet so many people who either owned Troupers offspring or dogs bred at Breezybrook and to also meet people who had just come to meet the dogs.



Breezybrook Gundogs at Crufts! 


Breezybrook Trouper and two of his offspring will be at Crufts on Gundog day Sunday 14th March 2010.

Please come and say hello, we can be found on the benches around the Gamekeepers ring.



Frolic's Pups Arrive.


Frolics pups 09

July 09- On 2nd July Breezybrook Frolic had 6 puppies, 4 dogs and 2 bitches (sired by Freddie) Three black, two chocolate and one golden, some with Freddies trademark white blaze. The pups were docked & dew clawed & microchipped and have all been sold.



Sox Gains Gundog Working Certificate


Sox & Jacquie with judge Terry Griffiths

May 09- The London Cocker Spaniel Society hosted a GWC day and Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook (Sox) once again, did what he had to to pass and was awarded his KC GWC.



Sox & Wonky Run in Gundog Working Test 

May 09- Breezybrook Wonky and Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook (Sox) ran in their first GWT hosted by Chiltern Gundog Society.

 Both dogs ran well and did all that was expected and ended up getting equal points and both were placed joint 3rd. A pleasing result especially as Wonky was only 11 months old!



Breezybrook Puppies Due!


MAY 09- We have mated FTW Breezybrook Frolic with FTAW Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook.

We deliberated long and hard as to which dog to use to sire our pups this year, as normally we use a dog other than our own on our own bitches, but Freddie has sired some super pups for other people and the two pedigrees looked good together. We hope that the pups will have the trainability of Frolic with the drive of Freddie! The pups are due on 6th July. If you are intrested in a pup please ask to be put on the waiting list.



New Kids on the Block

        Gunner                Wonky


Aug 08 - We have two new dogs at Breezybrook. The first new boy is Breezybrook Gunner, a chocolate & tan son of Trouper & we are hoping he will be like his farther, handsome, fast & stylish!

The second new boy is Breezybrook Wonky, so named as he only has one ear flap! He is by OFTW Fenlord Tonto & out of FTW Breezybrook Frolic. He lost his ear flap minutes after being born when an over enthusiastic Frolic bit through the flap whilst cleaning him up.



  Kenmillix Magical Fudge of Breezybrook Arrives


Harry arrived in May 08. He is a big strong handsome chocolate & tan grandson of FTCh Sandford Black Mamba. He is full of drive but has a soft temperament. He will be 2yrs in Sept 08 and has had one season beating. He will be joining our picking up team and will also be available for stud.



FTW Breezybrook Frolic's Pups have arrived.


Frolic's Pups 3 wks old


On 30th May 08 Frolic had 6 puppies, 4 bitches & 2 dogs. All are chocolate with varying amounts of white on the chest. The sire of the pups is OFTW Fenlord Tonto owned & bred by Robin Laud. Tonto was chosen to sire the pups for his style & pace & superb temperament.

The pups were docked & dew clawed by the vet and will be microchipped before they leave. All Breezybrook puppies are wormed every fortnight with Drontal Puppy Suspension. The puppies are socialsed well as we spend a lot of time with them.

They will be ready to leave at the end of July & will be available to working or trialing homes only.





Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook Wins Open Test

















On 27th April 2007 Jacquie ran Freddie & Frolic in Chiltern Gundog Society's Open Working Test.


Frolic was as usual completely dependable, hunting thoroughly, marking precisely and handling out easily for the blind retrieves. She gave a good account of herself on both runs.


Freddie's turn came and we go up another gear, hunting with great pace and getting into every inch of the covert. Two seen retrieves, marked well and when sent out for the blind down hill he went out like a rocket, his nose catching the scent, he turned of his own accord to collect the dummy.  His return is at the same pace as his outrun. As always a nerve wracking two runs, as with this pace we hope the brakes don't fail!



 The judges, Steve Bates & John Thompson awarded Freddie 1st place and Frolic 2nd, only 3 points behind.



Full Result


1st       Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook (CS Dog)               Handled by Jacquie Ward

2nd     Breezybrook Frolic  (CS Bitch)                                      Handled by Jacquie Ward

3rd      Taffs Lad of Poleberry  (ESS Dog)                               Handled by Clive Smith

4th       Trederwen Nant Wechan (CS Bitch)                           Handled by Jane Campton


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