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Breezybrook Trouper's Quest (24/4/11 - 11/12/13)

Trouperson or Troup'son for short is as his name suggests a son of Breezybrook Trouper and is out of Quarhouse Inspiration of Breezybrook. In fact he was the last born puppy ever to be sired by Trouper.

He was chocolate & tan, had good conformation and was quite a solidly built powerful young dog. Training progressed well and he proved to have a very soft mouth,  good marking ability and was extremely biddable.

Troup'son  completed one and a half seasons picking up and beating and was awarded the KC Gundog Working Certificate.

He was a proven stud dog, siring 4 litters before his tragic death.


Trouperson was health tested as follows:

GPRA (Generalised progressive retinal atrophy) - CLEAR

CPRA (Central progressive retinal atrophy) - CLEAR

Gonioscopy (Glaucoma) - CLEAR

prcd - PRA (progressive rod cone degeneration form of PRA) - CLEAR

FN (Familial Nephropathy) - CLEAR

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