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Stud Dogs

FTW Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook

 Sandy is a chocolate & tan dog sired by FTCh Chyknell Gold Star and is out of FTCh Chyknell Iris. A young dog who has finished in 2nd place eight times in trials and Guns Choice seven times. He is fast and stylish and hopefully has a promising trial career ahead of him.  He has now sired several litters and throws lots of chocolate & tan and golden puppies amongst other colours.

A proven stud dog.


Sandy has been health tested as follows:


GPRA (Generalised progressive retinal atrophy) - CLEAR

CPRA (Central progressive retinal atrophy) - CLEAR

prcd - PRA (progressive rod cone degeneration form of PRA) - CLEAR

FN (Familial Nephropathy) - CLEAR

AMS (Acral Mutilation Syndrome) - CLEAR

 Sandy is also DNA profiled.

Sandy's Pedigree:

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
FTCh Chyknell Goldstar FTCh Danderw Druid FTCh Mallowdale Rackatear FTCh Wernffrwd Siari
FTCh Whinpark Chrissie of Squareclose
FTCh Tonyshingle Stella of Danderw FTCh Wenffrwd Dai Bach
FTCh Kenine Golden Flash
FTCh Chyknell Jessica FTCh Wernffrwd Siarl FTCh Maesydderwen Kestrel
FTCh Wernffrwd Silk
FTCh Canalside Susan of Chyknell FTCh Chyknell Freckle
Canalside Kim
FTCh Chyknell Iris FTCh Mallowdale Gun FTCh Dardnell Dealer (IKC) FTCh Parkbreck Jefferson
FTW Larford Celt
FTCh Bellsmill Jet FTCh Dolgarreg Aron
Bellsmill Trina
FTCh Chyknell Hidie FTCh Danderw Druid FTCh Mallowdale Rackatear
FTCh Towyshingle Stella of Danderw
FTCh Chyknell Jessica FTCh Wernffrwd Siarl
FTW Canalside Susan of Chyknell


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